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The evilness of the OB continues

December 22nd, 2005 (09:35 am)

I guess it shouldn't have been as any surprise to me, that I would have to see the woman I so dislike. Even though my nurse assured me that I would only need to deal with her. That we had to go over my blood test results, and draw more blood. It had also been 2 months since my last appointment. I did need to see *somebody*. Unfortunately, because my insurance bites the big one.. my network is limited.
So I had been slacking in finding a new doc, which I guess will teach me. My nurse also said they might do an ultrasound this appointment, so that was enough for me. Which never happened.

One of the highlights to the appointment was hearing my little peanuts heartbeat for all of two seconds (I sure hope that was it!), and finding out I had only gained 4 pounds in 2 months. So about 2 pounds a month. Not too shabby.

Now to the bad part of the visit

I was quiet fooled when the doctor walked in with a smile on her face. Perhaps she had forgotten her evilness afterall? I was doing nothing more than talking on my cellphone.. or perhaps, it was the pretty skinny woman I brought with me *whistles*. So it was no surprise when I didnt get the "how are you/how are you feeling?"

more along the lines of 'get on the table, and pull your pants down."

I wish when she did that, she would have told me what she was doing. She pushed her fingers very hard into my pelvic bone. When I giggled because it hurt (nervous giggling.. it happens to me at the strangest times) my friend ask me if it was a funny laugh, or a painful. When I announced painful, the doctor stuck up her nose and said.. "I am barely touching you! this is just my finger! This is just pressure!"

I rolled my eyes. I didn't want her to do the belly doppler so soon, because she knew *I* was waiting for my husband. Instead, she put the doppler to my stomach, pressing really very hard. We caught it for a milasecond, then she caught something that briefly sounded like my babys heart for a couple of more. only that before she pulled it away.

When I asked her if it sounded strong, she responded.. "we don't do that here. It is only for you to listen." Gee, thanks. When I told her I could bearly hear it, she said.."well, you have to remember. We are trying to hear through layers and layers.. of your.. "tissue"." She smirked, and walked out. '

I wanted to hit her so bad!

She is not a skinny priss herself!

My husband arrived right after that. Just in time for the nurse to grab him, and stick him with a needle. To see what his blood type is. If it's negative, I do not have to get the rhogram shot.. which is fine by me. Plus, it would be helpful for the future to know what blood type he is anyway.

The nurse had me schedule my big ultrasound for the 19th. "If you are lucky, you can have a VHS tape.. and they will let you tape 20 seconds of it."

Could I put up with it to see my baby on screen for an hour?

Sure. But I shouldnt have to. And I am not going to either. As of today, I am calling 1800 doctors to see if I can't find another doctor closer to home, that is open on weekends. No woman should be afraid to talk to her doctor, be afraid of ridicule.. or want only her nurse to touch her.

I think I am going to write a nice letter to the doc, explaining why she is "fired".

by the way. My blood results were *fine*.

Edit: I now have an appointment with a new Doctor on the 31st. Her name is Amy Hoffman, and she delievers at Illinois Masonic (which is closer to the house!). Which I feel lucky for, since my Hoffman is the name of the place I grew up.. where I have good memories. And my madien name was Mason.
So hopefully this proves for good ju-ju.

If not, I am going to try to switch to Kristi's doctor.. Hopefully if the first doesn't work now, one of the people down there will take me on.


Posted by: Lisa Soto (lease)
Posted at: December 22nd, 2005 04:08 pm (UTC)

Wow. I clearly missed a story about your evil OB. She sounds like a complete and total bitch. Find someone else, and pronto! You want to make sure you can establish care before you get too close to the end.

Posted by: dangling participles are where it's at (ilwitchgrrl)
Posted at: December 22nd, 2005 04:41 pm (UTC)

Which doc did you go to? I thought I had read that you were going to Northwestern...did you go to the Northwestern downtown? If you didn't and you are able to consider it b/c of insurance and stuff, I highly recommend them. At the very least, the two main docs I had were awesome.
Dr. Tim Garvey was my main doc for most of my pregnancy. http://www.nmpg.com/default.aspx?page=article&article=Bios/TGarvey.1.xml
He is just the NICEST guy. Really friendly, really gentle, very open to considering alternative birthing stuff, really willing to work with me on anything I wanted, even the granola-eating-hippie type stuff ;). Very informative, able to relate well to both OJ and I. I really like him a lot.

Toward the end they rotate you through the other docs in the practice at each visit - in case one of them ends up delivering your baby, then at least you're familiar with them all. I didn't get through all of them because Drake was a month early but I saw a few others and didn't have any problems with those I did see.
Dr. Alex Lin ended up delivering Drake - http://www.nmpg.com/default.aspx?page=article&article=Bios/ALin.1.xml
He was also really nice. Of course, I only saw him in the delivery room, and then he did my postpartum checkup, but he was a really friendly, open guy too. We were even joking with him about Drake's 'giant nutsack' during the delivery. I'm a fan of any doctor that will laugh when you say 'nutsack' and then remember it and repeat the joke back to you several hours later (much to the shock of the nurses who were not around for the original discussion; I'm sure they were quite surprised to have the delivery doctor refer to the newborn's nutsack! lol).

At any rate, not that commentary on nutsacks is what every woman wants :) but I was really comfortable with both of those doctors. And the hospital was really nice too.

Posted by: LegendofTheHawk (legendofthehawk)
Posted at: December 22nd, 2005 04:48 pm (UTC)

I did! I went to the one downtown. Funny, that the first guy was the first doctor's phone number I had. I ended up not going to him because he couldn't get me in as soon as I liked.

thank you so much for your advice! I need a new doctor.. I was hoping for someone a little more closer to home (since we are without a car). But really.. with what I have experianced. I'd be willing to go all that way to meet with the right doctor. ;)

did they have a birthing tub do you remember?

Posted by: dangling participles are where it's at (ilwitchgrrl)
Posted at: December 22nd, 2005 05:03 pm (UTC)

It is my recollection from talking to Dr. Garvey that they do have birthing tubs for water births, but you have to use a midwife I believe. They have several midwives on staff but I didn't see any of them so I don't know how they are. I'd call the office and talk to them about it.

If you aren't looking for a water birth and are just interested in water therapy during labor, they do have tubs in the labor and delivery rooms that you are welcome to use during labor as well.

I do know they're really busy there...it's a very popular practice. I had to wait two months to get my normal ob.gyn checkup this year.

I understand wanting something closer to home...even though we have a car, I'm considering switching to a different doc whenever we get around to having baby number two. i just really freakin' liked Dr. Garvey a lot. So I'm torn. I still have time to think about it though!

Where are you guys living now? And what happened to your car?

You should ask around in some of the pregnancy communities to see if anyone is in our area and has recommendations. Also try those of us that already have kids to see what we thought of different docs; try the chitown_mamas community or the newly formed illinois_mommy for recommendations!

Good luck and keep us posted! It really makes a HUGE difference when you enjoy the doctor you choose...you're going to be going through a lot with that person!

Posted by: Cassie (eaglewife126)
Posted at: December 22nd, 2005 04:45 pm (UTC)

sorry your experience has been so awful. :( no woman's pregnancy should be like that! i hope you find a better doc soon.

Posted by: helper_no1 (helper_no1)
Posted at: December 22nd, 2005 09:37 pm (UTC)

WOW that brings a whole need message to incompetent professional conduct! Gee get another doctor – your pregnant, you should be treated with a little respect and not hurt by the OB. Wow what a bitch! I would write that letter, only don’t address it to help (it won’t do any good) if she works in a hospital or something find the next guy up the chain, she deserves a kick up the ass!!! I HATE doctors who are dickhead!! I currently have 2 one my list, but if what happened to you happened to my she would be going straight to the top of that list!!

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Vanilla Cookie (angellam)
Posted at: December 23rd, 2005 07:09 am (UTC)


Glad to hear you have a new doc!!

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