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Wishing upon a star..

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The boring basics:

I am Sarah. 27 years old pagan/hippy/gamer-geek-college-student married to papawolff on 12/4/05. We just found out shortly before our wedding that we were expecting our first child! Due 6/15/06. Sometime around my birthday or fathers day. I had him on 6/18/06, both fathers day, my birth day and his original due date!
We just found out we are expecting again on 7/22/07.
This baby is due on 4/02/08 ;). Sometime around my husband's birthday!


7/22: "is that a line? Is that not a line?".. many many tests later.. yes! it's a line! Baby number 2 is on the way!

Nathan bug's time line

10/2: Well, after four positive pregnancy test.. I guess we can say it. We're pregnant!

11/3: We have a heartbeat!! We didnt get a count, but she said it sounded strong. We also have a picture of the little peanut.

12/21: Heartbeat heard again, somewhere over the 130 range. ;) Big U/S scheduled for Jan 19th to tell if the peanut is a boy or girl.

1/5: Ultrasound done, but no picture :( 70 percent sure of the peanuts gender! Heartbeat strong at 156.

2/4: Gender confirmed, heart beat at strong 146. It's a boy!!

3/4: Heartbeat strong no count, measuring right on target. Kicks felt from the outside!

6/18: Water breaks at 2:30am. Labor continues on until 4:37pm. Baby is here! 21 inches long, 8 pounds 2 ounces! Baby boy!