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themysticsdream [userpic]

35 weeks!

May 11th, 2006 (05:41 pm)

So.. Friday was 3 hour GD Test.

The results are in..

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My mom seemed very surprised. Like she was positive it was going to be different result.

I also found out, I've gained a total of 20 pounds. EEEP! The nurse said that's fine. They wanted to see me gain 25-30. How very different from the evil OB, who would have been whipping me for going awhole 5 pounds over my goal.

BP was good. 120/80. Not the best as it was last time 106/66. But not bad.
Belly is right on target.

Next week is when the "fun" stuff happens. Internal exam (goody... ), check to see if I am GBS + (which I am pretty sure I will be, because that is the suck). maybe a NST. I am not sure.

themysticsdream [userpic]


April 25th, 2006 (12:27 pm)

This sucks.

This morning I woke up feeling just fine. Perhaps a little over tired (from waking up at 3:45am with the worlds worst heartburn! I didn't go back to bed until like 5) but fine none the less.
At about 11, I decided I should probably eat something. Like.. I dunno. Captn Crunch.
It seemed fitting since I was watching America's next top model. ;)

No sooner did I finish my small bowl, then I started to feel just very dizzy and very sick. Out of no where. This is slightly annoying in itself, since we are moving may 1. Which means the rest of packing/organizing the house is up to yours truly.

But what really gets my craw, is when I called my doctors office. It's been forever since I had an appointment. The last time I made one was for April 8th. 5 weeks away, instead of 4. Because his schedule was very tight. They couldn't get me in to see him 3 weeks, as the nurse had previously stated. So they pushed it back to 5. Then I was called back twice to say, "oops. Doctor wont be in. We need to reset your appointment."

I proceeded to call them back multiple times to get this done. Doctors answering service. Oh, he's not in. Oh, they don't work on friday, didn't you know? Oh the office closes at 2pm today. ! I finally had the nurse schedule me an appointment but it was for a week day, right after I had some food posioning. And never made it.

So it was my turn to call. So I call again today, and what do you know? Answering service again. They are out to lunch, try back in 45 minutes. Where I might be told. Opps. Doctor still isnt in after all (I had this happened to be multiple times before).

It's like trying to get service at dennys. You may get it eventually. But it's going to take awhile.

I'll be 33 weeks on Thrusday. That means 4 weeks until I hit full term, and about 6 weeks plus some days until my due date.

themysticsdream [userpic]

When I rule the world..

March 25th, 2006 (11:38 am)

Ugh. I wish that Mcdonalds would choose to serve breakfast after 11. So far this week, I've missed it. And all I really want is a sausage biscut. That's all. Morning, noon, and night. But when I remember, I am always passed the cut off.
And on a lovely saturday like today..

It seems criminal!

So now, I am craving biscuts of the cheese kind from Red Lobster.


It makes no sense. No sense what so ever.

So maybe the spout will be happy with whatever we decide to pick up along the way this morning, when we hit up belmont.
Or... I'll be going somewhere expensive for lunch.

Oh yeah.. and one more thing.

For you lovely girls on my friends list..
I made this for you. ;)

themysticsdream [userpic]

28 weeks, 1 day! General Update

March 24th, 2006 (01:50 pm)

... Wow! I am Offically in my thrid trimester, at 7 months pregnant!

Dont think the belly is doing that bad either. Nathan is moving around now, and we can really see the tummy ripple when he does. ;)

So far, the only complaint I've had is about a few bouts of bad acid reflux/heart burn. But this is mostly my fault, as I do good not to eat hours before bed. Sometimes I forget that drinking sweet tea a few hours before can have ill effects. Also. Cookies, even the reduced fat ones.. even ONE, is enough to give me heart burn if I lay on the couch.
So that's a no no.

The good news:
We have our next ultrasound scheduled.

Hurray! I look forward to getting to see him again (and possibly the ninja baby), and getting to see what his face looks like.

Doctor appointment pending, since one.. his office is closed today. And two, he's on vacation for a lenght of time to be determinded (everytime we set the appointment for 28 weeks, I am told.. Opps! Doc is going to be on Vacation!)

papawolff and I are also talking about going away for the weekend, starting next week.

The bad news:
I kind of feel the need to get out of here. You guys don't know unless you read my other journal, but I found out one of my close friends (who I consider like an older sister) died. I hadn't talk to her in a number of months, because we always fell back into contact. But her death touched me deeply. I knew her since I was 16.. so a little under 10 years.

I don't feel the need to get away from here, because of memories we had together. As much as it is, some people I know real life.. who I consider my friends. Knew about her death, and couldn't even bother to add the
"I am so sorry to hear it. Are you okay?"
with the exception of one, who saught me out privately.
It's not like they aren't reading either, because when I bring it up.. I get the response "oh, yeah."

If I put up a post with my wedding pictures, I'll get 30 people to respond. I post that I lost someone close to me, I get 3 people responding. One of which is my own mother.

What does this say?

themysticsdream [userpic]

24 weeks!

February 23rd, 2006 (09:16 am)

Woha! Hard to believe that when we first found out I was pregnant, we had 35 weeks to go. Now, we have 16! What a difference. ;)

Somedays it seems like yesterday, we just got back from our first OB appointment.

The other day Wolff finally felt the baby kick. I mean, really kick! Usually they are little pings, harder for him to feel. But lately our lil sith baby has been trying to kick my hand off my belly. Which is what he tried to do to his dad. Right time, right place. His eyes got HUGE. Sometimes, we can also see my belly jiggle when he kicks. Pretty amazing.

themysticsdream [userpic]

(no subject)

January 19th, 2006 (12:35 pm)

.. 19 weeks today. Can you believe it?

11 weeks ago I was in the evil OB's office, and we saw for the first time that there was a baby growing in there. We heard the heart beat through the ultrasound, sounding so fast. We had a print out, which I've treasured since the moment I receieved it.

5 weeks ago, we heard the babys heart beat through the doppler.

2 weeks ago, we saw the big peanut (all 20.2 cms) on the screen, moving around like mad.

It still seems so very surreal. Alot of mornings I wake up, not feeling pregnant so much as fat. Even though now I've got two ultrasounds to prove that yes, there is something in there. Kicking, moving around.. and making me crave my moms home made chicken casserole.

I wonder if he/she is okay and doing well.
If I will make it to another milestone.

themysticsdream [userpic]


January 5th, 2006 (02:44 pm)

current mood: worried

Still couldn't get Beans heart beat. Last night, or today. I am also concerned about the pressure I've been having. I am freaking out so horrible bad, words can't even describe. I got on the phone with a place near my mom, and set up an appointment.
The nurse had to book me in on Saturday ( a very tight schedule), and was urging me to go to Emergancy care.

I dont want to seem callous.. but my insurance sucks, and it covers nothing of emergancy! Unlike blue cross which is 70 bucks for any visit! Man do I wish for that back.
I may end up going anyway. It doesn't hurt that the hosptial treated my last TWO ER visits, and totally just sucked such an amount of ass. Plus, while you are being seen, you have to pay your bill. It's not like I could pay it later.. believe me, if I could.. I would. I dont have 900 in my account. We just paid rent.

I am also trying not to freak out.. I am trying not to cry, because I need to be at work in a few more minutes. I am just about to lose my shit.
Please god, let my baby be okay.

Edit: I am going to the Er tonight. My mom said she would come and get us, to take her to the hosptial by her.. which does not require cash upfront.

themysticsdream [userpic]

OOooh my

January 4th, 2006 (04:28 pm)

current mood: worried

Well.. after seeing my friends go through it, I'll be headed down that road too.
Looks like we will be moving after all. papawolff and I are looking at March/April. We discussed it briefly on our honeymoon...and after finding out how creepy our landlord has been. It is time to go. Besides, our rent is like 1,300 a month. For a three bedroom in the city, it's really not that bad. However, considering the finances now.. its a bit much.

Especially that if we keep this place, I'll be lucky to stay home until he/she is 6-8 weeks old. I refuse to put our baby in daycare when they are that young.

So, we get a place with lower rent.. that will enable me to stay home maybe 3 months instead. 6 months ideally.. but I am not sure how realistic that is. Give us some time to get our feet under us hopefully.

I am still not sure where my job stands, or if I'll be here through my whole pregnancy. I haven't told my boss I am pregnant yet. (He travels alot, and when it comes to him.. I am chicken).

So many things up in the air.

I can deal with all of these things, but I am more concerned about bean. I want to make sure he/she is alright. I have an appointment with the new doctor on Monday, the 16th. Since I am seeing her for the first time, the nurses haven't told me what she plans to do.. but I hope she is more helpful than my evil bitchy OB.

I guess I am mainly concerned because I have been feeling some pressure in that area, and because I can't seem to really catch the peanuts heartbeat on our home doppler anymore. Sure, I can hear the blood flowing to the placenta. I can hear him/her kick in protest. But it's really hard to catch the heartbeat. I tried last night with no luck, but I heard the movement.. and the blood flow.
It seems the more time progresses, the harder it is to hear!

I am going to try one more time to hear tonight.

themysticsdream [userpic]

The evilness of the OB continues

December 22nd, 2005 (09:35 am)

I guess it shouldn't have been as any surprise to me, that I would have to see the woman I so dislike. Even though my nurse assured me that I would only need to deal with her. That we had to go over my blood test results, and draw more blood. It had also been 2 months since my last appointment. I did need to see *somebody*. Unfortunately, because my insurance bites the big one.. my network is limited.
So I had been slacking in finding a new doc, which I guess will teach me. My nurse also said they might do an ultrasound this appointment, so that was enough for me. Which never happened.

One of the highlights to the appointment was hearing my little peanuts heartbeat for all of two seconds (I sure hope that was it!), and finding out I had only gained 4 pounds in 2 months. So about 2 pounds a month. Not too shabby.

Now to the bad part of the visit

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by the way. My blood results were *fine*.

Edit: I now have an appointment with a new Doctor on the 31st. Her name is Amy Hoffman, and she delievers at Illinois Masonic (which is closer to the house!). Which I feel lucky for, since my Hoffman is the name of the place I grew up.. where I have good memories. And my madien name was Mason.
So hopefully this proves for good ju-ju.

If not, I am going to try to switch to Kristi's doctor.. Hopefully if the first doesn't work now, one of the people down there will take me on.

themysticsdream [userpic]

(no subject)

December 20th, 2005 (01:09 pm)

So.. My evil OB did it. She had her nurse talk me into a last appointment. I went to cancel the one on Monday because they are down town, and we no longer have a car. Unfortunately, they know my area.. and pointed out transportation that would not be that far.
Plus I do not have a new doctor yet, and they were really freaking me out.

The doctor wants to take *more* blood (um, what for?!) , discuss my blood test results.. which all should be negative.. according to her nurse. Unless she just said so, because she didn’t want to give me bad news over the telephone. Weight will be taken. I will need to pee in the cup, they are going to measure me. And they *may* do an ultrasound if she demeans it important. Greeeaat.
We were supposed to have one for the testing, but since I missed my last appointment.. and I am in my second trimester.. guess what? They can’t do it.

So.. I am just really hoping they will.. so we can see the baby. If not, so we can hear the babies heart beat again. Weeeh!

Also I am paranoid something is going on. I am paranoid the baby isn’t doing dandy.. so I want confirmation.


Plus, I've had more bouts of morning sickness (I havent actually tossed the cookies). More food adversions now since I got preggers! Nothing seems good to me anymore. Where is this magickal place of the second trimester?!

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