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themysticsdream [userpic]


April 25th, 2006 (12:27 pm)

This sucks.

This morning I woke up feeling just fine. Perhaps a little over tired (from waking up at 3:45am with the worlds worst heartburn! I didn't go back to bed until like 5) but fine none the less.
At about 11, I decided I should probably eat something. Like.. I dunno. Captn Crunch.
It seemed fitting since I was watching America's next top model. ;)

No sooner did I finish my small bowl, then I started to feel just very dizzy and very sick. Out of no where. This is slightly annoying in itself, since we are moving may 1. Which means the rest of packing/organizing the house is up to yours truly.

But what really gets my craw, is when I called my doctors office. It's been forever since I had an appointment. The last time I made one was for April 8th. 5 weeks away, instead of 4. Because his schedule was very tight. They couldn't get me in to see him 3 weeks, as the nurse had previously stated. So they pushed it back to 5. Then I was called back twice to say, "oops. Doctor wont be in. We need to reset your appointment."

I proceeded to call them back multiple times to get this done. Doctors answering service. Oh, he's not in. Oh, they don't work on friday, didn't you know? Oh the office closes at 2pm today. ! I finally had the nurse schedule me an appointment but it was for a week day, right after I had some food posioning. And never made it.

So it was my turn to call. So I call again today, and what do you know? Answering service again. They are out to lunch, try back in 45 minutes. Where I might be told. Opps. Doctor still isnt in after all (I had this happened to be multiple times before).

It's like trying to get service at dennys. You may get it eventually. But it's going to take awhile.

I'll be 33 weeks on Thrusday. That means 4 weeks until I hit full term, and about 6 weeks plus some days until my due date.